Preparing for Summer: The Importance of a Coolant Fluid Flush

Summer is right around the corner, and we all know what that means – road trips, beach days, and lots of sun. But before you hit the open road, it’s crucial to make sure your car is ready for the heat. One super important task is a coolant fluid flush. So, what exactly is coolant? Also known as antifreeze, it helps regulate your car’s engine temperature. When it’s blazing hot outside, coolant keeps your engine from overheating, which can otherwise lead to some pretty expensive damage. Over time, though, coolant can get contaminated with rust and gunk, making it less effective. That’s where a coolant fluid flush comes in – it clears out all the old, nasty stuff and replaces it with fresh fluid, ensuring your cooling system works at its best.

Getting a coolant fluid flush has several benefits. First off, it prevents overheating. By swapping out the old coolant, you help your engine maintain the right temperature, avoiding those dreaded breakdowns. Secondly, it protects your engine parts from corrosion and rust, extending their lifespan. Third, a clean cooling system improves your car’s overall performance, which can even save you some cash on gas. Lastly, keeping up with regular flushes can help you dodge major repairs down the road, saving you money and headaches.

So, when should you get a coolant fluid flush? A good rule of thumb is every 30,000 miles or according to your car’s manual. But if you notice your engine running hotter than usual, see coolant leaks, or your coolant looks rusty or dirty, it’s time for a flush sooner rather than later.

Here at Master Tech Automotive, located in Gresham, Oregon our experts use top-notch coolant and the latest equipment to make sure your cooling system is in tip-top shape. Our goal is to provide excellent service and keep your car running smoothly, no matter how hot it gets outside. 

Ready to beat the heat? Get a coolant fluid flush from Master Tech Automotive, located in Gresham. Swing by and let us help you keep your car cool all summer.


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