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Customer Reviews

Here are just a few of our customer reviews.

I walked in to get a tire fixed with no appointment. Within 20 minutes they fixed my tire and didn’t charge me a penny. Totally cool folks who definitely know how to treat their customers and neighbors. I’m definitely going to hit them up next time I have a more serious auto issue.

Aaron Keuter

I had issues with a coolant leak. I was able to drop my car off late at night (using the key drop), they promptly got a hold of me in the morning with an assessment and quote, and everything was finished that day. Very quick, professional, and friendly staff.

Nicholas Swartz

Got the brakes diagnosed and replaced on my 1990 Mercedes. They did an excellent job diagnosing the brakes’ status, letting us know what was needed and then replaced as needed. They were timely, professional and didn’t try to ‘upsell’ us into more expensive work (a big, big PLUS!). We’ll be back.

Bill Casti

Had my oil pan replaced yesterday. Amazingly fast service! They also did a complete vehicle checkup on this older car and gave some tips on what needs to be done to keep everything working. Got more than I expected and paid less than quote. 5 stars for sure. Will use them again.

Patrick Cecil

I had a great experience getting my Honda Fit 30,000 mile service and new tires. Communication was quick and clear, staff were friendly, and I felt the cost was reasonable. Thanks for making this normally stressful process very easy!

Michele Bennett

This shop was able to accept my car early when I had a emergency coolant leak. The repairs were done in a day with regular maintenance and a window issue to boot. I recommend this professional and friendly shop.

Keith Cavender

My ignition switch was almost completely done for in my car. They quickly fixed it for me on short notice (a day and a half) and quoted me about $400 less than another shop in the area. Thank you!

Ashton Long

These folks are awesome! They took amazingly good care of us when two cars needed significant maintenance in just one week. They were very easy to work with, very thorough and kept us informed every step of the way. I don’t think we could’ve asked for a better service!

Cindy Scheel

This was my second time using them. Service has always been fast and reliable. I appreciate the follow up to make sure everything works correctly.

Bob Schermerhorn

Excellent Customer Service, Good Pricing, Great Transparency On Work To Be Done. Especially like that they text you the work order and allow you to review pricing and approve the work you want done. Customer for life!

Tyson Cook

Master Tech in Gresham did a nice job on the mechanical repairs and maintenance items. If there is ever an issue or concern, they will make it right. The service is always courteous and professional.

Joseph Pittman

I was in need of repair and this business was quick, customer service polite, and they got the repair done sooner than they anticipated. Also, they followed up personally which was really nice.

Daniel Teune

Great service, quick, great price and helped us through the issues we were having with our car. Called to give us updates too.

Capri Parker

They have a great system of photo documenting what they find during their inspection, and allowing you to access it online. Makes for simple ‘menu’ style of what should/could be repaired or replaced. They also work very quickly.

Abdul Lotiff

MasterTech is so different than other mechanics! They give you updates with photos via text about what should be repaired or needing any kind of attention in the future. Also, their warranty is longer than most plus the FREE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE is just as good as AAA without the fee. I’d recommend MasterTech to anyone. Getting an appointment is easy to do

Lacey Blazejewski

Master Tech did the brakes on my BMW, they also checked over the full car, and advised with photos what else is recommended. They did a great job and also were able to show me the older brakes. I highly recommend them for any maintenance or repairs!

Jennifer Coffelt
Air Conditioning Repair Service

Why Choose Our Car Air Conditioning Repair Service?

Investing in professional car AC repair service not only enhances your driving experience but also saves you money in the long run. Our technicians have the expertise to diagnose and repair specific components of your AC system, such as compressors, condensers, or evaporators, without the need for costly replacements. We also offer cost-effective solutions ensuring you receive quality service within your budget.

At MasterTech Automotive, we take pride in our reputation for providing reliable and efficient air conditioning repair service. Regular AC repairs at MasterTech Automotive ensure that your vehicle operates efficiently. Our skilled technicians conduct thorough inspections to detect any issues early on, such as leaks that could lead to more significant problems if left untreated. By addressing these issues promptly, we help prevent costly repairs down the road and ensure your AC unit operates smoothly throughout the year. Whether you require a minor adjustment or a major repair, you can count on our team to deliver exceptional service and restore your AC system to peak performance.

Information on Air Conditioning Repair

Signs That It's Time For Car Air Conditioning Repair

Ensuring your car’s AC is in top condition is vital for your safety and comfort while driving. During summer, a malfunctioning AC can lead to discomfort and even pose health risks due to overheating. Additionally, a faulty AC can impair visibility by causing condensation on windows or emitting unpleasant odors. Our team at MasterTech Automotive is dedicated to resolving these issues promptly to keep you safe and comfortable behind the wheel by providing expert  car air conditioning repair service.

If you’re experiencing issues with your car’s air conditioning system or simply need a routine inspection, don’t hesitate to contact MasterTech Automotive today. Our staff is here to answer your questions, schedule appointments, and ensure your vehicle remains cool and comfortable throughout the year. Trust us to keep you cool on the road!

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